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📍 Hi! Welcome to this corner of the internet. I'm happy you made your way here.

I currently lead operations & growth at Primitives, a social crypto wallet. Previously, I was a vc at Marcy Venture Partners, where I invested in early-stage consumer & web3 companies. I also spent most of the past year building Crypto, Culture & Society DAO as a lead contributor. You can catch me in several other DAOs including FWB, Boys Club, ****and Arkive.

Personally, I’m obsessed with online culture, genz trends, citibiking, and subscribing to too many podcasts/newsletters. I’ve nurtured a lifelong passion for art & design and feel lucky to share it with others through a course I teach on the art historical origins of NFTs.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how web3, crypto, and the elusive metaverse are going to touch our lives. A few spaces in web3 that I’m excited about include: social crypto wallets, verticalized NFT marketplaces, DAO tooling, and digital fashion.

<aside> 💡 Some resources I’ve created around crypto education include:


I've also been featured in Bloomberg, [Messari](, on the Confluence.VC podcast and as a panel moderator at the GenZ VC Summit. I'm proud to give back to the tech ecosystem, including having led a cohort of women VC associates through All Raise and as a mentor with YOUTH Cities.

I'm very research-driven and think best through writing — a sampling of things I've published publicly are below:

<aside> 💡 The Unbundling of Opensea (How the rise of verticalized NFT marketplaces is poised to fundamentally disrupt the digital asset ecosystem)


The Unbundling of Opensea

<aside> 💡 Fresh Today, Faded Tomorrow: Brand Resilience in a Changing World (How Crocs is an interesting blueprint for consumer success in 2021)


Fresh Today, Faded Tomorrow? Brand Resilience in a Changing World

<aside> 💡 Consumer is Back: A Look at 2020's Top Tech Trends (written in partnership with my friend Jay Drain at Maven Ventures)


Consumer is BACK: A Look at 2020's Top Tech Trends

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