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📍 Hi! Welcome to this corner of the internet. I'm happy you made your way here.

what i’m up to

I currently lead operations & growth at Primitives, a new social product that allows anyone to unleash their creativity.

Though I’m a recovering VC, I still love meeting with and advising founders (especially on on gtm strategy, product, branding, and fundraising). If you’re building something cool and want to chat, feel free to slide into my dms or send a note to [email protected].

I spend a lot of time thinking about how we express ourselves online and form digital identities. I’m fascinated by how the products we use, the things we collect, and the places we spend time become proxies for the identities we project to others. A few spaces that I’m excited about include: the consumerization of crypto, mental health & wellness, and social products that facilitate connection.

about me

I’m an East Coast-native, aspiring New Yorker, and avid citibiker. I’ve spent my career at the intersection of finance, technology, and culture. Prior to diving into the startup world, I was a VC at Marcy Venture Partners, where I invested in early-stage consumer & culture companies. I also advised some of the largest endowments and family offices on blockchain and ESG investments at Cambridge Associates. I graduated from Amherst College with a degree in Environmental Studies, focusing on renewable energy and social protest.

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Personally, I’m obsessed with online culture, genz trends, and subscribing to too many podcasts/newsletters. I’ve nurtured a lifelong passion for art & design and it colors almost all of how I view & think about the world.

I've also been featured in Bloomberg, [Messari](, on the Boys Club podcast, and on the Confluence.VC podcast and as a panel moderator at the GenZ VC Summit. I'm proud to give back to the tech ecosystem, including having led a cohort of women VC associates through All Raise and as a mentor with YOUTH Cities.

Context: Tasha Kim on Subcultural Capital and what Gen-Z is buying online


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